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FAQs on Malaysia's Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah (STR) payouts: Eligibility, payment dates, amounts, and more

FAQs on Malaysia's Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah (STR) payouts: Eligibility, payment dates, amounts, and more

The STR 2024 payment rate is dependent on payment eligibility at the approved application phase.

Malaysia has commenced payouts under phase two of its Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah (STR), or Rahmah Cash Aid, programme from 3 April 2024.

The STR was announced to provide financial aid to the low- and middle-income groups. For those interested to know more, here is a list of frequently asked questions on the STR, as shared by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia.  


Q What is Rahmah Cash Aid (STR) 2024?

The Rahmah Cash Aid programme (STR) is the Malaysian Government's assistance to the low- and middle-income groups who are really qualified and in need to face the cost-of-living challenge. As shared by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia, retargeting subsidies allows the Government to improve and increase the provision of cash to the people through STR 2024, to ensure that low-income households continue to receive appropriate assistance.

Q Who is eligible to apply for STR 2024?

Applicants are eligible to apply for STR 2024 if they meet the following eligibility categories:

i. Household

  • Married;
  • Single mothers or fathers / widows / widowers who have children and meets the conditions; and
  • Household income is RM5,000 and below.

ii. Seniors without spouses

  • Single mothers or fathers / widows / widowers who do not have children, who meet the requirements;
  • Meet the age limit of 60 years and above; and
  • Income of seniors without spouse is RM5,000 and below.

iii. Single

  • Single or single mother or father / widows / widowers who do not have children who meet the requirements;
  • Meet the age limit of 21-59 years;
  • Single persons with disabilities (OKU) aged 19 years and above;
  • Not a full-time IPTA / IPTS student; and
  • Single income is RM2,500 and below.

Note : Single individuals aged 21 and above, including disabled persons aged 19 and above who are still studying full-time at public/private higher education institutions, are only allowed to be included in the information of children/dependents of the household application and are not allowed to apply as individuals single

Q When will the STR application be opened?

STR applications will be open throughout the year, from 1 November 2023.

Q What is meant by year-round application?

Applicants can submit STR applications at any time throughout the year.

Q When is the STR application and payment date?

The method of implementing the STR Application throughout the year is as per the table below:

BillDate of application form submission (online and paper form)Payment date
11 November 2023 - 30 November 202329 January 2024
21 December 2023 - 29 February 2024April 2024
31 March 2024 - 30 June 2024August 2024
41 July 2024 - 30 September 2024November 2024


Q How much payment will be received?

The STR 2024 payment rate is dependent on payment eligibility at the approved application phase. The amount of payment that will be received is as follows:

Income of ≤ RM2,500

  • Household of ≥ 5 children: RM2,500
  • Household of 3 - 4 children: RM2,000
  • Household of 1 - 2 children: RM1,500
  • Household of 0 children: RM1,000

Income of RM2,501 - RM5,000

  • Household of ≥ 5 children: RM1,250
  • Household of 3 - 4 children: RM1,000
  • Household of 1 - 2 children: RM750
  • Household of 0 children: RM500

Seniors without spouses with incomes of ≤ RM5,000: RM600

Single with income of ≤ RM2,500: RM350

STR additional rates are empowered through Rahmah Basic Contribution (SARA) with cashless purchases to all STR 2024 recipients as follows.

STR Additional Rate - Basic Contribution of Mercy (SARA):

Category of recipient Contribution rate
STR recipients classified as in poverty or extreme poverty, under eKasih or JKMRM1,200 / RM600
(RM100 / RM50 monthly)
STR household recipients who are not in poverty and extreme poverty status under eKasih or JKMRM300
Single beneficiaries & seniors with no spouse STR and who are not deemed as in poverty or extreme poverty, under eKasih or JKMRM150

Q When will the STR payment date be made?

BillPayment phaseDate of payment
1Phase 129 January 2024
2Phase 2April 2024*
3Phase 3August 2024*
4Phase 4November 2024*

*Subject to amendment from time to time

Q How is the STR 2024 payment method implemented?

The payment methods for STR are as follows:

Credit to bank account

Payment will be credited to the recipient's / spouse's bank account.

Cash at the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) counter

Payment will be made in cash if:
a) No bank account information
b) The crediting status is credit failure

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