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Businesses in Singapore are facing significant HR challenges that didn’t exist just a few years ago. The demographic and legislative dynamics, not to mention the high living costs, have all forced companies to adapt quickly.

First generation HR can no longer guide companies to a bright future in today’s competitive environment; HR has to evolve and shift its focus to help business leaders make informed decisions and support business transformation.

At The Futurist, Joydeep Bose, president and global head of HR at Olam International will share his insights on these pressing questions during his keynote presentation:

  • Does the HR function really need to evolve to maintain its place in modern business?
  • What exactly is HR evolving from and to?
  • How will this transformation take place and what steps can HR practitioners take now?

Joydeep Bose is responsible for providing leadership to the human resources function globally across more than 60 countries and 23,000 employees at Olam. With more than 20 years’ experience in HR across industries such as chemical processing, telecom, IT and supply chain management.

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