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Are you too fussy when hiring?


Everyone wants star talent especially in an age where it can be hard to come by. Recruiting can be expensive, time-consuming and a fast-paced demanding job can make it difficult for organisations to allow adequate time for new hires to adjust. Additionally, knowing the real cost of a bad hire can make it tempting for HR to wait for the perfect candidate to come along and woo them.

However, having a requirement list a mile long or little flexibility could see you missing out on potential stars who might not even bother applying.

If your job ad has been up for months and you just can't catch any fish it might be time to rethink your strategy. Here are three things according to career site Glassdoor that could be the reason you are still fishing.

1. Focusing on designations and education

It's 2018, the information age. And yes there are certain professions where degrees and certifications are an absolute must. You wouldn't see a doctor or lawyer for example without one. However, there are plenty of jobs where skills and knowledge can be learnt through experiences at other jobs, picked up on the internet or just as easily taught.

Formal education might be good to transfer knowledge but that doesn't necessarily transfer to skills. After all, does a Millenial really need a communication degree to learn about social media? By insisting on certain academic qualifications means you could be missing out on candidates from diverse backgrounds with different skills sets who might not even apply to the job because they think a certain degree is a must. Rather than focusing on qualification, look at how candidates apply themselves in problem-solving situations.

2. Emphasising experience over potential

It is easy to want to look for someone who has done the job before. It might feel like a guarantee of success. However, candidates with a demonstrated ability to learn quickly are often overlooked because they lack experience. Just because someone has done the job before does not mean they are doing it well or correctly. Rather hire someone based on their potential and attitude towards learning that will allow them to grow and thrive in the role. The will also likely bring a fresh and unique perspective to the office.

3. Prioritising industry over skills

Often hiring managers are sceptical to consider someone from a completely different industry. However, career paths are far less linear than they used to be and jobseekers are often open to change and new challenges. This can add new ideas and a unique point of view to your team. Moreover, diverse teams are proven to have a better performance.

Instead of focusing on what industry the candidate was in previously, look at what skills they can transfer. Evaluate their competencies, motivation, agility and ability to adapt. Take into account their views on the workplace, for example, to see if they are open-minded and can demonstrate cultural sensitivity. If yes it is likely they will thrive in any industry and a new set of skills could be just what the team needs.

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