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Is narcissism a trait that should be encouraged the workplace?

Are post-90s employees too honest or too arrogant?

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It’s often said that post-90s employees are always brave enough to speak their mind. However, what they say might sometimes sound too self-centered and impetuous.

A recent post on Heawork has shared some of the jaw-dropping statements that post-90s colleagues have said in the workplace. How do you as a HR professional respond to them?

1. ” I warn you, don’t force me anymore, or I will quit tonight.”

2. When being given an urgent assignment, he/she said: “I have to go at 6pm sharp. You tell me so late and I won’t be able to hand it over to you today.”

3. When there was a lot of work, he/she yelled at the supervisor: “To be honest, I’m earning $17,000 a month but what I’m doing is totally beyond how much I’m paid. You either tell the boss to increase my salary, or not to assign too much work to me to do.”

Younger colleagues might sometimes be too self-centered, but supervisors should also consider whether their own requests are reasonable. After all, good communication is the most important.

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