Looking to increase their compensation, HR professionals in Indonesia are planning to switch jobs, and possibly relocate overseas in 2015.

That was the key finding of new report by Michael Page, where 31% of staff from the HR function acknowledged they were considering changing roles in the coming 12 months.

Of these, 72% of HR managers said they were open to overseas opportunities, only slightly lower than the overall average of 77%.

The motivation to switch jobs was primarily due to demands for higher pay, as admitted by 18% of HR professionals. More than half (57%) also said they were likely to ask for a salary increase this year,

Echoing their counterparts in HR, getting a raise was also the top reason why 72% of the overall Indonesian workforce was considering shifting roles this year.

While 24% of employees locally chose a rise in pay as their main reason for changing jobs, 18% said they wanted more scope for career progression.

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The report pointed out that another reason for the anticipated turnover was the foreign investment into Indonesia, coupled with an expanding domestic market, which is enabling professionals across most sectors to capitalise on the climate.

A majority (44%) of HR professionals said a bonus would indeed be their top financial reward – a percentage less than the overall average of 45% in Indonesia.

For the majority of survey respondents, the top non-financial reward they wanted was flexible working hours (49%).

The survey stressed companies should look at a mix of both financial and non-financial rewards to retain their employees, especially with only 23% of the respondents indicating that they are very satisfied in their current roles.

Out of the respondents who stated that they are dissatisfied at work, almost half (40%) revealed that the biggest contributing factor is company management, while salary (22%) and lack of decision making (11%) were also contributing factors.

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