Christmas is right round the corner, and for many people living in Singapore it also signals the start of preparations for the next big season - Chinese New Year.

While having the two festive seasons in relatively close proximity of each other (Christmas on 25 December and Chinese New Year on 25 January 2020) might mean an extra long holiday for your employees in the office, it means a whole lot more work for certain groups of freelancers.

According to iTask, the on-demand talents service marketplace mobile app platform, these are the ten most unusual freelance jobs that arose from the hype of these two festive seasons:

#1 Spring cleaning helpers

Everyone wants a clean home during the festive season, however, not many have the motivation to perform the task of spring cleaning. Hence the rise in demand of these freelance cleaning professionals who do the job with no worries about cleaning up the mess after wild Christmas-eve parties, or fears of homes being not presentable enough for relatives and friends.

#2 Gift and hamper wrappers

Wish to wrap an impressive Christmas gift or a Chinese New Year hamper for business clients and associates but lack the proper gift-wrapping skills? No time to buy gifts? Thats where these freelancers come in to work their magic.

#3 Courier services

Gifts and hampers wrapped but do not have the time to deliver these personally? These personalised courier service providers will do the job for you. During the festive season, you'll find these freelancers especially high in demand.

#4 Tuition and enrichment activities

One group the holiday season may not be a relaxing period for is children with 'tiger' parents who have high hopes and expectations. While some parents bring their children out on recreational trips, others send them for extra tuition and enrichment classes. Hence, during the holiday season, the demand is high for freelance tuition professionals and enrichment teachers such as piano teachers.

#5 Pet sitting services

Planning an overseas Christmas holiday or wanting to escape from giving out too many angbaos during Chinese New Year? If you need someone to take care of your furry friends while you're away, that's where these freelance pet sitting services come in. These pet-sitters will drop by to feed your paw buddies or take them out for a walk for a small fee.

#6 Buying groceries from Johor Bahru

Planning to stock up the low-cost groceries from JB for the upcoming Chinese New Year? Engage a freelancer to buy groceries from our neighbouring city, for a small fee. Not only do these freelancers help you score a cheaper purchase, they also help minimise the hassle of queueing at the customs.

#7 Bakkwa buyer

Bakkwa is essential part of Chinese New Year. Not wanting to join the queue from a prestigious brand but as a bakkwa connoisseur who cannot survive a CNY season without bakkwa? Hence, buying bakkwa is another hot-on-the-list request for freelance service providers in recent years.

#8 Picnic set-ups

A pretty picnic set-up will definitely pump up the festive mood for your Christmas party, New Year countdown or even Valentine's Day. But setting up something Instagram-worthy is hard work. Hence the uptick in demand for these professionals who will dress things up nicely and get you more likes for your FB & IG than your friends have.

#9 Rent a friend / date

No joke! This is on the list! For all the 'self-partnered' people (thanks to Emma Watson for coining this term.) out there, there is an opportunity to rent a friend for the next Christmas or Chinese New Year gathering.

#10 Mental supporter or someone to share your deepest secrets with

The festive season are definitely a stressful period, either due to preparations and the mad rush of getting things done on time. Many seek a mental supporter or a companion to share with their worries and secrets with. Hence the rise in demand for freelancers who provide these personal listening service.

Have you engaged any of these unique freelancers before?

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