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Workers confess how they spend their time at work

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Doing overtime is nothing new to workers in Hong Kong, after all, they don’t lead the world in working hours at 50 hours per week for nothing.

As to why workers have to stay late so much, previous studies have shown the boss and employees have divided views.

More than half (52.6%) of bosses believed long hours were required mainly because staff were spending too much time on personal business, while fewer than 30% of employees admitted spending too much time on personal business at work.

An overwhelming percentage of employees (82%) blamed the extended hours on the boss for not willing to hire enough people.

In a post on Hong Kong Discussion Group, local workers revealed what they love to do to kill time in the office. We have highlighted the most outrageous ones.

Internet savvy
Nowadays, people want to be connected to the internet through their mobile devices at all times. Mobile data can be costly, so one of the best ways to stay connected is to take advantage of a company’s Wi-Fi.

Gaming, checking stock prices, watching YouTube videos and Face-booking are among the most popular things employees do on their phones with the company’s Wi-Fi.

Studying the races
For passionate horse racing punters, office hours seem to be best time to cook up a winning formula. Sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned office to hunt for racing tips is much better than pushing and shoving your way through a crowd at a betting branch.

A successful organisation is built on good communication among employees, but some employees are taking things too far.  Some employees can be seen moving from desk to desk talking to different colleagues. They can also be found chatting in groups in the pantry. While it is difficult to determine what exactly they are discussing without listening to their conversations, most of the time they are gossiping to kill time.

For those who prefer to spend their time alone, staring out the window is also a good option to kill time.

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