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Why Facebook is training its own AI talent, and you should too

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Companies around the world are starting to see the impact of artificial intelligence on their business. While for some employees it might mean losing their job to a machine, the rise of AI also means companies need talent to help further develop and implement new technologies.

Unable to recruit them externally, companies like Facebook are choosing to upskill their existing workforce to combat the talent vacuum, Wired reports.

The move is an example of how HR departments must stay on top of the latest developments and be open-minded when it comes to skills requirements for new hires. As the world keeps rapidly changing, job descriptions you used three years ago simply won’t deliver the best and most relevant talent anymore.

Additionally, it’s a reminder for companies to invest in the training and development of their current talent. Realising that the large amount of AI-skilled talent it needs simply doesn’t exist yet, Facebook is taking matters into its own hands by offering its own AI course, led by one of the best AI researchers in the world.

Aside from the fact that Facebook isn’t willing to wait until universities start delivering talent with the right AI skills, the company is also aware that it already employs some of the brightest people out there. “We have incredibly smart people here. They just need the tools,” Larry Zitnick, one of the leading figures at the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab, told Wired.

According to Wired, Facebook employees are lining up to take the course, which is continuously oversubscribed.

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