Last Thursday, Extrovert Engineering and Suriakumar Ridgeway, the sole proprietor of Ridgeway Marine and Construction, were charged for failing to buy work insurance for 25 of their employees.

According to a press release by the Ministry of Manpower, both face a total of 25 counts under the Work Injury Compensation Act, Channel NewsAsia reports.

Both cases came to light during investigations after employees were injured at work.

Case one: Suriakumar Ridgeway

After Bangladeshi worker Sujan Ahmed Late Ali Ahmed fell from a ladder at work, injuring his right elbow on 30 May 2015, investigations showed that Suriakumar Ridgeway did not get work injury compensation insurance for all 11 employees, including Sujan.

Additionally, the employer faces another charge for failing to pay Sujan compensation S$9,144.97 as ordered by the Assistant Commissioner of Work Injury Compensation.

Case two: Extrovert Engineering

Similar to Suriakumar Ridgeway's case, Extrovert Engineering's failure to obtain injury insurance came to light after one of its Bangladeshi workers, Ali Syed Rubel, dislocated his left shoulder after falling from a ladder at work on 22 Mar 2016.

Investigations showed that the firm only bought work injury compensation insurance for eight of its 22 workers - Ali Syed was one of the 14 workers not covered.

MOM revealed that the company subsequently paid Ali Syed compensation amounting to S$5,973,14.

In the press release, the ministry emphasised that work injury compensation insurance is not only a requirement by law but protects employers against workplace liabilities, adding that it will "deal severely" with employers who do not purchase the insurance.

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