This special edition of the HR Bulletin presents top contributions from leaders in the industry, which our readers have loved.

While some of these were on 2019 trends, we're confident they will be useful in comparing the trends to come in 2020, to reflect on how much has changed in one year.

1. 5 critical issues facing HR directors in 2019

Dave Delaney, keynote speaker, author of New Business Networking, marketing communications consultant and founder at, asks HR managers and directors what their biggest challenges are.

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2. Five 2019 trends that are redefining HR’s role

In an exclusive analysis for Human Resources Online, New York-based Stela Lupushor, Founder and Chief Re-framer of Reframe.Work Inc., identifies five ways in which HR has the opportunity to shape the business future.

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3. Get ready to step up: Why HR executives should prepare for corporate board roles

Whether mid-career or moving towards retirement, anyone in HR should look ahead to what could be a very satisfying next chapter working on a board, affirms Jenny Dearborn.

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4. Three tips for implementing HR tech solutions

Ong Chin Yin, Head of People at Grab, speaks to Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) on the importance of HR tech and what to take note of when implementing a new system.

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5. Be kind, play nice, say ‘thank you’: Why having an ‘office mom’ may make for a happier workplace

How does Denmark, the happiest country in the world continually rank in the top for job satisfaction? Daniel Baun, HR and Recruitment Manager, Trendhim, blames it all on mom. Be kind. Play nice. Say ‘thank you’. The lessons we learned as children are as important now as ever.

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6. How to create a culture that people love

Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot shares why growth, transparency, and flexibility are crucial for creating a culture employees love.

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7. Why all HR professionals must be conversant in HR analytics

Dr Fermin Diez, Adjunct Professor, Singapore Management University (SMU), on how the HR function will be delivered very differently than it is today, given the impact of digitalisation, artificial intelligence and robotics.

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8. 5 ways for people managers to build trust

The importance of successful people management cannot be stressed enough. Carl Nawagamuwa, member of IAB SEA+India’s regional board, shares five ways, including active listening and authentic honesty, to build trust.

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9. The untold secrets to retain key talent

Sharon Seet, Regional HR Director, APAC, World Courier, dives into the 3Cs by which HR and business leaders have the opportunity to retain their key talent.

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10. How to keep employees engaged – from recruiting to offboarding

Jacely Voon, General Manager, Human Capital & Corporate Social Responsibility, Fuji Xerox Singapore, affirms that the mark of an effective employee engagement programme is in the little details HR specialists tend to glaze over.

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