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AirAsia plane to depict Tony Fernandes

From boss to staff: AirAsia CEO works with crew to collect rubbish on flight

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There has been a fair share of discussions about bad bosses and their bad habits, even those who threaten their staff from using iPhone 7. AirAsia CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes exhibits what it is like to be a boss who works closely with his staff, by putting himself in their shoes, as reported by The Star.

On Wednesday (May 31), Fernandes shared a short video on Instagram, where he is seen walking down the aisle, collecting trash from passengers just as his cabin crew would. This, he said, is in celebration of “cabin crew day”, also known as International Flight Attendant Day.

It is certainly nice to see a member from the top management getting up close and personal with his staff, and bridging the gap between leadership and the front line. Fernandes’ gesture was widely praised by his thousands of followers on Instagram, while the video clip has been viewed more than 272,000 times to date.



Taking to social media on the occasion to appreciate staff’s efforts were a number of other airlines, some of which are shown below [taken from Twitter]:


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Video/ Tony Fernandes Instagram

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