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Did your team call in sick at this time on this day?

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Looking at the leave application record for the year, it is not surprising to find November and December are the “peak season” for staff to pull a sickie.

According to a study of 1,000 UK employees conducted by market research company Attest, 48% of people are more likely to bunk off work in November and December than any other time of the year. The reason-   the party season has officially arrived.

While the most popular day of the week to call in sick is Monday (48%) followed by Friday (26%) according to a CareerBuilder survey, these days are not considered to be the best in convincing others that one is actually under the weather, 65% said they won’t buy it.

According to the research by Attest, the perfect formula for successfully calling in sick – and to be believed -is to do it on a Tuesday morning at 6:38am with “stomach problems”.

More than a third (34%) say a stomach problem is the most believable excuse and having an STD is the worst (3%).

Here are some of the weird and wonderful excuses for taking a sick day from the Attest research:

• The cat fell down the stairs
• Mother’s funeral (4 times in the same year)
• The family goat is missing
• My belly button exploded
• I’m having a bad hair day
• I was bitten by a tiger
• My ceiling has fallen down

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