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Be a good boss. Try saying these things at work.

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What the boss says to a staff member can be a life-changer or a disaster. Inspiring words are able to bring out the best in employees, and saying the wrong things to employees can trigger them to hand in their resignation.

Here’s a list of six things a boss should say more often to encourage staff members, as put together by CommonWealth Magazine.

1. The basic
A good boss always says “Thank you” and “Nicely done” to show his or her appreciation even for the slightest achievements.

2. Focus on the positives
Don’t blame employees when they make a mistake. Let them know they have full support from the manager and together you will overcome the challenge.

Show employees you will be there for them as a manager.  Saying “There will always be another chance” helps employees rebuild confidence.

3.  Give staff room to grow
Tell employees: “You can give this a try.” Provide employees with options to solve problems.  Also don’t give employees the final answer too soon, ask them questions to guide them toward finding answers on their own. This can help them become more independent and confident.

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4. Know your audience
Saying “Keep up the good work” is not enough. Different people are inspired by different words of encouragement.

For employees who are eager to move up, it is encouraging to tell them “Well done! Now I have a bigger project for you.” But for the more laid back type, saying the same thing will make them feel pressured. A good boss needs to be aware of the personality of staff,  and choose the right strategies to inspire them.

5. Show you take everyone seriously
A caring boss takes every staff member seriously. If he or she is too busy to meet with an employee, they will say “I will be with you after XX o’clock” instead of just saying “later”. Giving employees a definite time, shows the boss takes the meeting seriously.  

6. Be specific
When praising employees, say more than just “Well done”.  Be more specific by saying “You are great and did an exceptional job with XX.” Employees feel valued and inspired when the boss shows he or she cares and appreciates the specific achievements of employees.

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