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13 of the most bizarre sick day excuses

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HR departments are perpetually putting out fires and just such a fire is covering someone’s department when they call in sick.

There is no way to really check if someone’s excuse is genuine or not and HR consultancy group Citation estimates that 39 million working days are lost a year due to people pulling “sickies” costing the UK  £4billion annually.

According to their website, these are some of the most creative excuses people have used to get out of a day of work.


  • There’s a lion in my garden




  • My teeth are too white

giphy (1)



  • It’s too cold to leave my house

giphy (2)



  • I had a one night stand and don’t know where I am

giphy (3)



  • I fell out of bed and sprained my ankle

giphy (4)



  • A fortune teller told me I should stay at home today

giphy (5)



  • My ex-partner set all my clothes on fire

giphy (6)



  • It’s my boyfriend’s, hamster’s funeral

giphy (8)



  • I fractured my finger playing a game of snap

giphy (9)



  • A flock of ducks have blocked me in my drive




  • My split ends are horrendous, I need an emergency haircut

giphy (10)



  • I woke up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it

giphy (12)



  • I accidentally got on a flight to Spain

giphy (14)


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