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Former California Fitness coach seeks HK$9m in compensation

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Former fitness coach Simon Pak Siu-hin claimed that he slipped and fell, injuring his legs and buttocks while demonstrating TRX exercises to a client at the California Fitness gym in Central in June 2013.

He filed a civil claim, seeking HK$9 million in compensation from J. V. Fitness, the parent company of California Fitness which closed all outlets in Hong Kong in July last year.

In the high court hearing, the company’s defence lawyer accused Pak of exaggerating the seriousness of the injury, the Oriental Daily reports.

Details of the case revealed Pak went on three trips within the eight months after he was injured. He visited Phuket a month after he was hurt, and went on two trips to South Korea in November 2013, and in early 2014.

The plaintiff visited an orthopedist after coming back from his first trip to South Korea. He claimed he had trouble walking and needed crutches, and the doctor issued him 85 days of sick leave.

After the 85 days of sick leave ended, Pak visited a psychiatrist, because he suffered from panic disorder. He was issued a further one month of sick leave.

Pak denied he exaggerated the extent of the injury, he said he walked with crutches and remained in the hotel during his overseas visits.

The hearing continues today at the high court.

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