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Networking more important than getting a raise

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This New Year, Singaporeans have resolved to get better at networking and upgrading their skills, rather than push for a pay rise.

According to a study of 450 local professionals by LinkedIn, 85% said they made a resolution related to their careers, with half hoping to achieve professional development through new skills and building better networks or professional relations.

The survey also found 39% hope to be promoted or move into a leadership role this year, 36% want to get a new job opportunity and only 34% are expecting a pay rise.

Chan Ngee Key, a career coach and strategist at YourOwn360, said it’s not a surprise many are choosing gaining skills and building relationships over monetary gains, as it helps create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The respondents also revealed what they hoped to achieve by meeting these career goals, and 49% said financial security and growth, while a quarter chose both stronger workplace performance and better work-life balance.

Globally, the professionals have also listed “professional development through learning new skills” as their top career goal this year.

Compared to their global counterparts, Singaporeans came on top as the most likely to choose a job promotion or a move into a leadership role this year.

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