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Hong Kong employees dissatisfied with long working hours

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A study earlier this year found the need for “face time” – i.e. being in the office later than senior managers as a mark of devotion to the job – is deeply ingrained in Hong Kong workers.

Latest research adds to that, finding that “long working hours” is the number one cause for dissatisfaction among the local workforce, cited by one in every three employees (31%).

Additional reasons for job dissatisfaction are “low income or slow salary increment” (28%) and “high levels of stress at work” (21%).

The respondents rated their work-life balance a low 5.8 out of 10, saying three out of four of them have to work overtime every week.

As a result, the average working week in Hong Kong stands at 47 hours, “18% more than the international standard in advanced economies, where 40 working hours or less per week is a fairly well-established norm,” cited the study. 

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On the personal side, the highest number of respondents said their dream was to buy their own home (15%), followed by a healthy life (13%).

Another 12% and 10% said they wanted to travel the world, and have no worries about money, respectively. Just 6% said their dream was to make more money.

The overall confidence level of the respondents in realising their dreams was 5.3 out of 10.

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