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China Airlines puts an end to labour protest

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China Airlines (CAL) CEO Hsieh Shih Chien has reached an agreement with the airlines’ workers’ union, avoiding further industrial actions from employees, which had stranded tens of thousands of passengers since last Friday.

According to Focus Taiwan, the settlement will involve paying back the long-frozen annual seniority-based raises to employees, raising  travel allowance for all pilots and cabin crew members, more subsides for ground staff members be increased and adding more days of annual leave from 118 to 123 days.


The union had warned earlier employees are going to take leave  on July 1 if both sides are not able to compromise.

In their negotiations, the China Airlines Employees Union and CAL management discussed eight demands put forward by the union and signed a formal agreement but Hsieh said that both sides had agreed to keep the details of the settlement confidential.

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