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80% of staff in China are dissatisfied with their salary

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Haigui or people who have returned to China after studying abroad are feeling dissatisfied at work and are changing jobs frequently.

That is according to the 2015 Report on the Development of Chinese Returnees published by Center for China and Globalisation and recruitment website

Echoing earlier studies, the report found that 46% of the Haigui were unsatisfied with their job, while only 1.2% said they are extremely satisfied.

Guo Sheng, CEO of, said salary is the main reason for Haigui to feel unsatisfied about their job.

“80% of the respondents said they their pay is lower than what they expected.  30% also said that their skill sets do not stand out compared to top-notch graduates from mainland China and them not being in the country for a prolong period has affected their personal network hence limiting their career development,” he said.

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Almost three out of 10 (26%) of respondents also said they are not familiar with the policies in China making it difficult for them to interact with the government

The report was done through online questionnaire from February to July this year.  913 valid questionnaire was received, the respondents were post 90s and post 80s who have studies in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France and Japan.

The report also revealed that Haigui had a high tendency to change jobs.

“77% of the respondents said they have changed jobs since they return to the country and 40% said they have changed jobs within the last couple of years,” said Guo.

Despite this findings, Guo is optimistic about the career prospect of Haigui, saying their international experience and global perspective is important to the development of the country.  “It is great to know that 80% of the respondents says they have no problem fitting in with the society after they return,” he said.

According to the report finance is the number one career choice for Haigui with 14% of them serving in the sector, followed by retail (7.2%), real estate (6.9%) and internet (5.5%).

Haigui also love to work in big cities with 87% stationing in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen or Guangzhou upon their return from overseas study.

Image: Center for China and Globalisation



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