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Inchcape, Borneo Moters, Toyota - job updates

After layoffs, Inchcape is reportedly moving expats to oversee Asian markets

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After what was cited as “one of the largest downsizing exercises to hit the local motor industry” in Singapore, vehicle distributor Inchcape was reported to lay off an estimated 120 staff from Toyota agent Borneo Motors and Suzuki agent Champion Motors early this year.

Now, The Straits Times reports that Inchcape is “moving senior managers from its London head office to fill regional roles here.” The Straits Times understands that two will arrive in the coming weeks to oversee the Asian markets. More may follow.

In a statement to Human Resources, an Inchcape spokesperson said: “We are reorganising the business with a re-alignment of roles and functions so that we can become more agile and effective in responding to the needs of the market and our customers now and in future years.

“Unfortunately, not all roles and functions could be accommodated under this new structure.”

The spokesperson confirmed that Inchcape has no plans for a second round of redundancies.

At the same time, The Straits Times report adds Melvin Low, director of after-sales at Borneo Motors, is serving his three-month notice, to be succeeded by business development director Yeow Ing Hwa. His move follows Inchcape’s decision to close its Sin Ming Avenue workshop, the only one serving the island’s north-east.

As part of the retrenchment exercise, the after-sales headcount will contract by around 13%, according to The Straits Times.

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