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90% of Taiwanese workers want a new job in 2017

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Employers in Taiwan could be in for a tough time after Lunar New Year. According to a recent survey, 88.9% of workers are planning to jump ship after the festivities.

The survey was conducted by Taiwanese recruitment site yes123. Out of the 1,314 people surveyed, 57% indicated they had already begun looking for a new position, the China Post reports.

The 88.9% figure reportedly takes the number of people looking for a new job to a seven-year high. Although 80.3% indicated they would consider working abroad, it seems companies in Taiwan don’t have to fear a mass exodus, as respondents added they would only do so for a salary that is on average 121.3% higher than their monthly wage in Taiwan.

Of those who would consider employment abroad, the preferred locations were Japan (42,4%), the US (40.1%), and Hong Kong and Macau (38.2%).

For many respondents, dissatisfaction with their salary played a large role in their motivation to look for a new job, with 52.1% giving this as the primary reason for wanting to leave. According to the survey, employers hoping to retain staff members looking to leave should be prepared to offer them a raise of 14.4% on average.

A lack of development prospects (40.9%) and a lack of opportunities for promotion (32.4%) also featured high on the list of reasons to leave.

While the number of employees considering changing jobs is high, so is the amount of employers with hiring plans. According to the same survey, 90.2% of employers will be looking for new employees after the Lunar New Year, with hospitality, retail, and education having the highest demand for new staff.

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