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Office life has never been more stressful in Hong Kong

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Manpower shortage issues are putting immense pressure on professionals in Hong Kong.

Following reports that global talent shortage is the highest in seven years, a survey by Regus has revealed a lack of manpower is the top trigger of workplace stress.

Canvassing 22,000 professionals in more than 100 countries, the survey found 28% of respondents in Hong Kong believe a shortage of staff is the most stressful element of their job. The figure was 8% higher than the global average.

Scarce manpower was also the top contributor of workplace stress in Singapore (27%), Japan (24%), USA (23%), and Taiwan (22%).

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Unreliable/obsolete technology (26%), and lack of exercise and unhealthy eating (25%) were the other top contributors of high stress levels in professionals in Hong Kong.

Over half of the global workforce (53%) also said they are closer to burning out than they were just five years ago, according to the survey.

“While stress levels are mounting in the workplace as a result of a combination of factors, including feeling desk-bound and under-resourced, workers across the globe agree that flexible working provides a useful outlet,” said Michael Ormiston, country manager at Regus Hong Kong.

“With a significant percentage of business people believing that flexible and freelance workers enjoy a better work-life balance, offering options for flexible working can help to keep the workforce both productive and happy.”

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The survey found many workers believed one way of easing the tension associated with demanding jobs was a break from the main office – at least for some of the time.

A significant majority of global respondents (74%), and 66% of Hong Kong professionals highlighted working from another location was a good stress reliever, the survey added.

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