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Where would you take your team for incentive travel?

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Thinking of rewarding your top performers with incentive travel at the end of the year? If so, you might want to take them to Singapore, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.

According to a new survey by Asia Super Team, companies in Southeast Asia showed a preference for visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. While Japan, followed by Hong Kong, and Taiwan, were found to be preferred destinations for Northeast Asian companies.

Overall, Northeast Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, ranked in order of popularity, were found to be the most popular destinations for incentive travel, due to the convenience of travel within these countries and comprehensiveness of tourism attractions and activities available.

Among the various countries, Taiwan has emerged as the top incentive travel destination in Asia due to its status as a major hub in the region, its safety, convenient transport system, warm hospitality, and abundant incentive travel resources.

These insights were derived from more than 4,000 participants of Asia Super Team’s first ever cross-market incentive travel survey, which replaced the finalist selection process for the first stage the Asia Super Team business competition, executed by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

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