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The most troublesome candidates

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A high turnover rate is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. This means HR professionals are constantly busy arranging countless interviews to fill vacancies for the company. Workloads for HR teams can be overwhelming when dealing with inconsiderate applicants who require constant attention.

A recent post on Heawork listed out eight of the most troublesome behaviours of candidates. HR professionals encountering any of these candidates can rule them out directly instead of wasting everyone’s time.

1. Keep changing the interview time.

2. Using a weird and unclear e-mail name and then calling to complain about not receiving an interview notification.

3. Before coming to the interview, candidates asked how many people will be interviewed for the opening, when they can expect a job offer and how long the recruitment process would take.

4. Though members of the HR team have clearly told them to bring original documentation for the interview, they bring nothing or only photocopies.

5. Asking when they would receive a job offer after the interview.

6. Sending the HR department a long e-mail after working hours about the self-review of their interview performance, how grateful they are for having an interview opportunity, and asking again when they would receive a job offer.

7. Calling every two days to check when they would receive a job offer, asking whether a job offer has been made, and saying that they have received more than one offer so they need to know the approximate time of notice to make a decision.

8. When they fail to get the offer, they become angry and call to question when their personal data will be destroyed and request the HR department to prove that their data has been destroyed.

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