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The most jaw-dropping behaviours of interns

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Every summer, companies of all sizes offer internship opportunities for college students in order to nurture the new generation and energise the team. The reality, however, is not always as you desired.

On a recent post on Heawork, HR professionals shared some of the most jaw-dropping behaviours of internship staff.

Working with a boyfriend

A PR agency hired several interns and asked one of them to provide on-site assistance at an event. However, this intern came to work with her boyfriend and went missing for no reason after the event, making her colleagues very angry.

Taking a two-hour lunch break

A group of interns went out for lunch for two hours on the second day of work. One of them claimed that there were too many people during lunchtime, so they had to wait for a long time and the restaurant was slow to serve. What a reasonable reason!

Asking their supervisor for praise

Internship performance is now one of the evaluation criteria for many university courses, and many of them require supervisors to provide a grade. An intern asked their supervisor on the third day of work to be “loose-handed” and give higher scores at the end of the internship. The supervisor answered: “I am not your teacher. Ask someone else to grade you.”

Companies provide internship opportunities with the aim of allowing young people to accumulate experience and an opportunity to inject new ideas into the business. Same as hiring a permanent employee, HR professionals should pay attention to whether an intern applicant is a good cultural fit for the company during interviews to maximise the benefits of internships instead of the other way around.

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