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The most cliché interview questions you should stop asking

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Savvy interviewees are smart enough to know there is a good chance they will fail the interview if they recite prepared model answers.  But what happens if the interviewer keeps asking cliché questions, which leaves the interviewee without a choice but to give a model answer?

This post on officedaily facebook page reveals three interview questions that have been asked so much that most interviewees already have a model answer prepared for them.

To differentiate interviewees who are a good fit, from “good actors/actresses” who know the right things to say, you need to stop asking these.

1. “What is your weakness?”

Model answer: My weakness is I am too committed to work.  I won’t quit until I am done, I would not hesitate to do overtime to get the job done. My family always criticises me for bringing work home.

The truth: I can’t work under pressure.  I lose my temper easily when dealing with difficult clients.

2. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Model answer: I  look forward to growing together with the company.  I see myself developing a career in the sector for many years to come.

The truth: I am not even sure I am going to stay here for five years.

3. “Why are you interested in the job?”

Model answer: I have known about your company for quite some time.  Before coming to the interview, I did research on the company and found that it is an awesome organisation in many ways…

The truth: I need a job to make ends meet.  I can do the same job for any company as long as I get paid.

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