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Ten terrible management mistakes

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Leading a team is no easy task as any HR director knows it can include mediating angry situations in the office, handling conflict and the dreaded office politics. Moreover, being a good leader isn’t just about delegating tasks it’s inspiring the people working with you to be and do better every day. Not just for rewards or incentives but because they want to grow both themselves and the company. There is no replacement for passion.

Writing in Glassdoor, CEO and co-founder of Jhana a global firm specialising in organisational performance improvement gives what he believes the ten worst mistakes managers can make.

1. Doing instead of managing

It’s tempting to micromanage or even do things yourself but when in a position of leadership you should give direction to your team not do everyone’s work. Allow your team the autonomy to try new things and back them up whether they succeed or fail.

2. Overcommitting

Don’t make promises you can’t keep; get comfortable with saying no and only commit to things you are certain you can deliver.

3. Failing to manage and communicate in all directions

Communication is key and that is not just to the team working under you but to your superiors and peers as well.

4. Changing things that are better left alone

Don’t make changes for the sake of change, think very carefully before a full overhaul.

5. Relying on your newfound power to get the job done

It’s not enough to just tell people what to do, but explain why you want things a certain way to keep your team motivated and on the same page.

6. Badmouthing the previous manager

It doesn’t matter who came before you, keep your opinion to yourself on any individual you work with to avoid mudslinging.

7. Aligning yourself early on with any one person or group

Get to know everyone on the team, assess all angles before aligning yourself with anyone.

8. Falling prey to “analysis paralysis”

Be able to take decisive action. Rather move forward on something 80% ready than waste time on the “perfect” plan that will likely never exist.

9. Acting like another one of the gang

Although it’s important to create a good rapport with your team, put fairness and professionalism above friendliness or once performance reviews come around things could get awkward.

10. Unknowingly repeating one of your past managers’ bad behaviours

Be conscious of how your past managers have treated you and avoid repeating their bad behaviours.

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