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Nothing better than a free lunch for some Hongkongers

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Most workers would agree that bringing lunch from home is a great way to save money, but not as good as a free lunch.

In a post on Hong Kong Discussion Group, local workers shared the pettiest behaviour of their colleagues, and not surprisingly, many of the scenarios shared were related to food.

One writer shared that his colleague always said he had no cash and kept coming up with excuses for colleagues to buy him lunch. On one occasion, he spotted him trying to get lunch at places that provide free meals for the needy.

A reader of the post witnessed a new joiner gobbling up biscuits and a cup of noodles in the pantry as soon as he found out they were free.

“He ate biscuits and a cup of noodles for lunch and emptied the food in the pantry within a month. Very soon, the administration department found out what was going on and took action against him,” he wrote.

There are also freeloaders who beg a different colleague to help him or her purchase breakfast every day, but never bother to pay back the money.

Along similar lines, there are colleagues who always say they do not have enough cash on them and get others to pay for their meals first. Of  course, they never bother to pay back the money and try to get lucky by hoping the colleague forgets about it.

Companies that provide free lunch is a dream workplace for these cheapskates, but that doesn’t mean it will keep them honest.

A respondent to the post said his cleaning lady usually takes home leftovers from the company lunch.

And then one day, the boss announced the company would not be paying a bonus this year. One colleague with a thick skin immediately took the leftovers home, claiming it was dinner for his girlfriend and him.

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