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Interview buzzwords you should be using

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The word “buzzword” has gained a bit of a bad rap, especially in the world of work. You might think of unnecessary jargon, overused phrases, or empty words your colleagues use to seem smart. Yet sometimes, it actually is smart to slip some key words into a conversation. Especially when that conversation takes place during an interview.

In a recent article on Glassdoor, career coach Hallie Crawford explained that hiring managers are alert to certain words and phrases as they look for things that convince them you’re a good fit. And she has a point. You only have a limited timeframe to convey your competencies, personality, and work ethic, so you may as well do it in well-established, recognisable words.

To help you get started, Glassdoor listed the 12 buzzwords you should say during your next interview. We’ve picked our favourite five below.

1. Opportunity

As Crawford points out, if you want the position because you see an opportunity in it, you go ahead and say so out loud. Additionally, aside from making sure the hiring manager knows you’re keen, referring to the job as an opportunity shows you see its value.

2. Success

Ask what it would take to enjoy success in this role. It shows you’re not simply interested in landing the job, but are also eager to do well once you’ve got it. Talking about your previous accomplishments can of course also help your interviewers associate you with success.

3. Plan

Telling your prospective employer what your plan for this role looks like shows you mean business. Mentioning a plan communicates the fact that you’ve come prepared and don’t expect the company to just take you by the hand.

4. Story

Impress your interviewers by telling them you’d like to “highlight this with a story”, Crawford says. Short stories can help you “show” interviewers your skills, instead of just telling them you can do something. Arguably, since stories are also easier to remember, they’ll make you harder to forget.

5. Thank you

While we’re not convinced “Thank you” can be classified as a buzzword, we will agree it’s paramount you use it in your next interview. Saying thank you at the end of the interview will help you end it on a positive note. Additionally, it would be rude not to.

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