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How to stop your staff from leaving

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According to a recent study by Randstad, over a third of employees (37%) in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia are planning on leaving their companies in the coming six months. While not all of them may actually see it through, that’s a very high percentage of employees who aren’t completely satisfied.

If the number surprises you, and you have no idea who that 37% would be within your company, there can be two explanations. Either you’re the exception and none of your staff are planning on going anywhere, or you’re a little out of touch with your workforce.

Whether you’re surprised or not, it’s probably safe to assume you’d like to do something about the fact that a third of your staff is ready to walk out the door. The first step is to be aware of the reasons why your employees aren’t committed to your company.

According to the Randstad survey results, poor salary and benefits along with a lack of career progression are the two primary factors. In Hong Kong, the third factor was a poor workplace atmosphere, while employees in Singapore and Malaysia put a lack of appreciation from management in third place.

Randstad survey Hong KongRandstad survey Singapore Randstad survey Malaysia

It’s human nature to always want more, and you won’t be able to satisfy each and every employee. But knowing the top three issues that can influence their commitment to your company puts you in the position to acknowledge and if possible address concerns of unhappy employees.

In addition to always wanting more, it’s also human nature to want to be heard. So during your next one-on-one sessions with staff, give them the chance to discuss their top concerns. Being aware of your employees’ wants is the first step to keeping them on board.

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