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Hong Kong hiring manager loses temper with repeat candidate

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Job interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if the candidate is faced with hiring managers who ask inappropriate interview questions or try to trick them to do work for free during the interview process.

In a recent Facebook post by Office Daily, a candidate shared he was shocked by a hiring manager telling him to “go f*** yourself” after he sent his application through email.

According to the post, the applicant named Kwok Su Fai sent his CV to the company six months ago. He was offered an interview opportunity but decided not to pursue the role because he felt it was not a good fit.

The same company recently posted a recruitment advertisement on JobsDB. Kwok applied and was invited for an interview. But after doing more research on the company, he decided not to proceed.

He gave the company a call, informing them he would not be attending the job interview. Shortly after, he received the rude email reply from a staff member named Henry who told him to “Go f*** yourself don’t waist [waste] my and my staff’s time”.

Henry also threatened the applicant he will inform everyone he knows in the industry not to hire him.

For the hiring team, it is frustrating to have “blind” job seekers who send in their application without properly reading the job ad. There are applicants who seem to randomly apply for all openings in a company, whether they’re in marketing, logistics, design, or engineering, leaving the hiring team no choice but to void their applications.

In this case, while the applicant admitted he should have done more research before applying for a second time, he then did the right thing by informing the company early and via phone that he has no interest in the job. Regardless of any frustration, the hiring manager was way out of line with the highly inappropriate response.

Good luck to Henry with recruiting for the opening.

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