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Five ways to shut the boss up “Hong Kong style”

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Everyone thinks they can do a better job than their boss, making managing people one of the toughest jobs ever. Where there are people, there are conflicts, and workers never get tired of gossiping about their bosses’ shortcomings. But gossip aside, most employees would never dare to speak their minds.

The team at ChiSin Production created a video about five ways in which Hong Kong working class members shut up a toxic boss in their dreams.

Below are the highlights from the imaginary exchange between a boss and his employee.

Scenario one: Inducing overtime culture
Boss: You come to work already thinking about leaving work. Don’t I pay you a salary to work?

Employee: Shut up boss! Pay me overtime compensation if you want me to work overtime. If staff who work long hours are the best, the doorman (who works 12-hour shift) is the best employee.

Scenario two: Excuses for not hiring
Boss: There’s no excuse for not taking on extra duties. I got to where I am today because I am willing to go the extra mile.

Employee: Shut up boss! Enough excuses for not hiring. Be a workaholic all you want. How about you finish all the work by yourself , then there is no need to hire anyone.

Scenario three: Blame staff for their own mistake
Boss: I am sure I told you I want this report by the end of this week, not this month. How can you be so irresponsible? Think again! Is this the right job for you?

Employee: Shut up boss! Be clear with your instructions if you want the report earlier. Why do you have to keep me guessing about what you want? Are you the Riddler? The company never pays my salary earlier than the designated pay day. Think again! Do you have what it takes to be a boss?

Scenario four: Making employees available 24/7
Boss: Why you did not respond to my message last night?

Employee: Shut up boss! I work nine to five, Monday to Friday. I am not a doctor at the emergency room on on call for 36 hours.

Scenario five: Asking employees for support
Boss: Sorry troops! Because of bad business, there will be no bonus and pay raise this year, but I am happy to buy you dinner tonight.

Employee: Shut up boss!  You want me to help the company through tough times? Nobody wants to be in the same boat as you. I quit!

Getting excited about being able to talk back to the boss like that? You’d better not. Show’s over, time to get back to reality – to work.

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