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Constant pings to blame for stressful workplace environments

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A new study by Dynamic Signal, finds that mismanaged workplace communication is making employees feel less informed, more anxious, and more confused about how to do their jobs. In the US, of the 1,072 respondents surveyed, one-third want to quit their jobs due to poor communication at work.

Other key findings include:

  • 66% of employees waste between 30 minutes and 1 hour each day looking for important information
  • More than half (52%) of senior-level executives say ineffective communication and workforce misalignment had negative financial implications for their organisations
  • 56% of communicators say they struggle to keep employees engaged and informed.

Poor communication is causing employees to feel overwhelmed with pressure (53%) to keep up with the plethora of communication tools they are supposed to use and manage. Employees also report unnecessary stress (50%) for fear of missing important information.

In fact, employees report that this is affecting their daily work, as three out of four (75%) employees report wasting time to keep up with the constant dings, pings, chats and more. Another two-fifths (42%) report missing critical information necessary to do their job caused by ineffective communication tools.

Dynamic Signal CEO and co-founder, Russ Fradin, commented: “Pushing out or even just facilitating mass amounts of untargeted, and often irrelevant, communication across a number of channels with no measurement or tracking is adding noise, not value.

“Every employee has a job to do. It’s critical that those employees receive only the information they need, in a way that is most convenient for how they work.”

Photo / Dynamic Signal

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