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Bold enough to admit you got fired on social media?

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To own the association of the word fire with its flame-grilled Whopper sandwich, Burger King is taking the word association to the next level – by having it connected with “getting fired”. As such, the restaurant is giving anyone (in the US market) who has been fired a free Whopper sandwich.

In order to get the free burger, participants must publicly confess to getting retrenched on LinkedIn.

“That’s right: own your fire!” the Burger King statement read. First, participants need to publicly post the statement, “I got fired. I want a free Whopper. #WhopperSeverance.” on Linkedin. This will be followed by a personalised link to get registered for a “Whopper Severance package” in the mail with a Burger King restaurant gift card.

The restaurant has also released a disclaimer that LinkedIn is not part of the activation. However, it is working with online career guidance site The Muse to help the first 100 participants through a 30-minute one-on-one Q&A session.

“Getting fired might not be fun, but at Burger King restaurants, getting fired like the flame-grilled Whopper sandwich is always a good thing,” the statement added.

This is not the first time Burger King took the quirky route to promote its iconic Whopper sandwich. Just in March this year, the fast food chain decided to turn the burger into a signature toothpaste which claims to be the first toothpaste with “active Whopper extracts”. This was complete with a goofy commercial and all.

According to Burger King France and its agency Buzzman at the time, a statement explained that they teamed up with “experts” to reproduce the iconic flavour of the Whopper and combine it with active ingredients for optimal teeth and gum hygiene.

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