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Arrests made in fake jobs scam

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Police have made arrests in a -fake jobs- social media scam reported RTHK, Monday.

According to the local media outlet, police arrested at least 16 people over the scam that netted nearly HK$ 4 million.

In a statement to the press, chief inspector Chu Ming Lun said that fraudsters posted job advertisements on the internet that lured people with the promise of quick returns but didn’t reveal much about the nature of the job. The scammers then demanded victims to pay “administrative fees” or buy equipment for the job. Once the money was paid over they disappeared.

The youngest of the 36 victims was just 11 years old, who paid HK120$ for a one-off task doing a paint job. The police said another victim had the fraudsters use their identity to take out a loan and was left with HK$600.000 in debt.

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