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Are these the benefits of befriending the HR department?

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We know HR practitioners are highly talented individuals who are able to excel in many other fields should they lose their jobs.

With that in mind, it never hurts to have powerful friends who works in HR. A post on online news platform HK01 has listed the greatest benefits of having friends who work in the HR department. HR professionals, are you able to help your friends out in the following ways?

Human encyclopedia of corporate perks and benefits
Many employees are confused by the company’s benefits policies. Most common problems include not knowing how to use e-leave systems and being unsure if one is able to submit medical claims via the corporate insurance plan before passing probation. These are mind-boggling questions that one’s supervisor may not have the best answers to.

If you have a friend in the HR department, he or she can explain to you in detail the best practices in taking advantage of the company’s benefits system.

Moreover, they are the most familiar with the training programmes and opportunities on offer and can provide you with useful tips on how to make the most out of them.

Career planning
It goes without saying that HR practitioners are not allowed to share confidential company information, but they may be able to share the latest changes in personnel and strategy to help you plan your career.

Sometimes, it can be tough to go directly to one’s supervisor for career planning advice, but your HR friend is able to provide you with valuable intelligence to help you make the right choice.

Provide useful employment market intelligence
Want to find out whether you are underpaid and whether your job description is too demanding? Instead of going through dozens of salary survey and reports, the best way is to ask a friend who works in HR.

To remain competitive, HR practitioners stay on top of their game finding out what competitors have to offer when it comes to salaries and job descriptions.

If you are looking for greener pastures, it is best to check with them which companies have the best offer on the market in your field.

Insights on the boss
When trying to get something from the boss, whether it is a pay raise or expanding your team’s headcount, it is always wise to consult your friend in HR because they are close to the boss.

Success comes to those who are prepared. Consulting a HR friend to get inside information on the boss would most certainly improve your chances. The HR friend will be able to tell you the boss’s likes and dislikes to help you make a successful pitch.

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