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6 symptoms of princess sickness in the office

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In today’s workplace, it is not uncommon for the human resources department to encounter parents of candidates tagging along to job interviews. While most hiring managers are smart enough to quickly disqualify these kids with helicopter parents from the hiring process, job seekers with princess or prince sickness are a little more difficult to spot.

The Bastille Post shared six symptoms of colleagues with princess / prince sickness. Don’t be too upset if you spot them in your office, because you are not alone.

1. Looks are important, work not so much
These colleagues can spend hours discussing what to wear and what make-up goes best with the outfit. They also love to cover their desks with stuffed dolls and other cartoon character collectibles.

2. Unable to handle pressure
When given a little more to do, they will lie down on their desk as a sign of protest.

3. Take leave easy
When feeling even a little under the weather they will immediately ditch work and head home.

4. Can’t deal with adversity
If colleagues disagree with them on a work related matter, they make sure others know that they are not happy about it.

5. Lack team spirit 
Whenever the supervisor assigns chores to the team, they will be the first to complain the task assigned is too tough or too complicated.

6. Anti-social
Always use “I’m on a diet” as an excuse to not go to lunch with colleagues.

With helicopter parents spoiling their children like princesses and princes, it is almost impossible for organisations to avoid workers with princess / prince sickness. If left to their own devices, the entire organisation ends up having to pamper them, so maybe it is time for human resources to step in and develop a spoiled worker protocol.

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