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15 networking tips for the busy HR professional

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We at Human Resources have been organising bespoke events for the HR community in Asia for more than seven years, and we find that for many of us, networking doesn’t come naturally, instead giving way to social anxiety.

However, the truth is that networking events offer the hard-working HR leader an opportunity to make new connections outside of their area of expertise or new relationships within their industry.  These new relationships may prove beneficial in the future and lead to new opportunities.

GetVoip has compiled actionable tips to enable you to plan for, engage, and maintain relationships from networking events. We realise that is not as easy as it sounds, however give these science-based tips a shot and give yourself the tools to further your professional relationships.

Before the event

  • Prepare some complex questions ahead of time
  • Connect with people online before the event
  • Reach out to friends of those you want to network with
networking tips

During the event

  • Hang around the food and beverages area
  • Smile often
  • Have someone introduce or endorse you
  • Compliment others
  • Enquire about the other person
  • Highlight shared values
networking 2

After the event

  • Follow up after the event and tell them you enjoyed connecting
networking 3

Bonus: Networking tips from famous leaders

networking 4


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