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Young Singaporeans want to work overseas

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The majority of Singapore’s young talent would prefer to relocate overseas to fulfill their career aspirations and gain work experience.

The Mass Media Research 2013, conducted by Singapore Polytechnic, reported 61.5% of Singaporean youth are enthusiastic about shifting overseas to search for better jobs.

The survey, which included responses from over 825 participants between the ages of 15 and 35, identified two distinctive groups – those who want to build a career overseas, and those whose priorities are staying in Singapore.

The majority group “tends to be more individualistic and have a greater desire for freedom to make choices, as compared to youth who see their aspirations in Singapore,” the report stated.

These young Singaporeans want to go overseas for “more exposure and to learn and gain more experience for personal growth and career advancement”.

“For those who are rooted in Singapore, they have a greater aspiration to get married and start a family”.

In addition, nearly 100% of youth identified their top three aspirations as attaining financial stability, developing strong family relationships and work-life balance.

“They also believe that determination, passion and self-discipline are the most important qualities that can help to realise their dreams,” the report found.

When it came to top concerns youths had in Singapore, the report found happiness, peace of mind and friendship to be major factors.

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