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The worst office Christmas gifts

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It can be tough to buy gifts for colleagues during the festive period, but some people have had it tougher than others. A survey carried out by found nearly three quarters (73%) of UK respondents have received an office gift they didn’t want.

Those presents included a dog leash for someone who didn’t own a dog, a book on dieting as he hint he needed to lose some weight and a framed photo of the gift recipient.

A marketing manager also said he received a Marketing for Dummies book, while another employee was given an IOU card from a colleague who forgot to buy them something. One poor guy was even given toothpaste and mouthwash.

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“Let’s face it, quite often we don’t know our colleagues well enough to get them a gift they’ll love – and so attempts can go very badly wrong,” Emma Law of, told Mirror.

“If in doubt, we always say go funny, but not rude!”

A separate survey by also listed some of the top 10 worst gift ideas for an office Christmas:

1. Bitcoins
2. The new Miley Cyrus album
3. Cleaning products
4. A fake diamond anything
5. An ugly sweater
6. Cash
7. Any tablet that is not made by Apple
8. Body-shaping undergarments
9. Something from your closet
10. A non-smartphone (might as well give a fax machine)

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Sabrina Zolkifi
Deputy editor
Human Resources Magazine Singapore

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