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The worst employees of the week

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The cost of hiring the wrong people is huge.  Hiring staff who are rude and unproductive, demoralises the entire team, to make things worst, there are toxic employees who extort money from the company and beat up co-workers with a baseball bat.

Be grateful that none of your employees have ever done this:

1. Watched porn at work and sued the boss for compensation

An Australia manager was fired for watching porn and storing his personal sex tape on his work-issued computer, back in January.

Instead of feeling disgraced, he sued his former employer, Port Macquarie’s Smarter Insurance Brokers, for eight week’s worth of wages in compensation for unfair dismissal and won, the The Australian Financial Review reports.

His argument was that although he downloaded explicit content on his work computer, he did so during his lunch break, and the company has no rules in place against that.

Initially even the commissioner himself did not believe there is a case for the manager.  “Unless the employee worked in the sex industry, it would be difficult to contemplate that the viewing, downloading and/or storage of pornographic material represented proper, work-related use of the employer’s equipment,” explained Commissioner Ian Cambridge

But later he was convinced by the manager’s point on- the employer could not provide evidence they had ever told the manager he had to confine his work equipment to work-related activities.

And since the manager used the work computer on his personal time he had actually done nothing against policy.  He was awarded A$10,000.

2. Stole classified information on national security

A former National Security Agency (N.S.A) contractor was arrested by the FBI in August, according to a criminal complaint filed in late August that was revealed to The New York Times.

The contractor was identified as Harold T. Martin III, he was accused of stealing and disclosing highly classified computer code developed by the agency to hack into the networks of foreign governments.

He was working as a contractor for the Defense Department after leaving the N.S.A when he was arrested.  The case raise speculations on if it is the second coming of  Edward J. Snowden.

In 2013, Snowden took documents from the N.S.A that were later passed to journalists, exposing surveillance programs in the United States and abroad when he was working a N.S.A. contractor.

3. Fought a colleague gangster style

An employee at a Brooklyn Technical High School tried to hit a colleague with a bat following an argument, police sources told

The attacker tried to hit a male co-worker with a wooden baseball bat outside the school at around 12:30 p.m, after he felt he was being disrespected by him earlier in the day.

Two other Brooklyn Tech employees helped the attacker trapped the would-be victim by blocking him with their own cars, as he tried to get into his car.  The suspect tried to hit the victim with a baseball bat but was stopped by the victim’s supervisor before anyone was injured, police said.

4. Stole cash from boss to pay gambling debts

A 24-year-old man, Gurmeet Singh, was arrested along with his accomplice, Vikram Ray (26), for duping his employer of Rs 184,000 (approximately HKD 21,390) to pay off gambling debts. Singh ‘s boss runs a factory in the suburban area of New Delhi.

Singh claimed that he was robbed by four bikers near and filed a police report.  But after police found loopholes in his story during interrogation, he confessed to the crime.

5. IT worker arrested for broadcasting porn 

An IT worker in Indonesia was arrested after he hacked into a local billboard and streamed a pornographic movie, Fox News Science reports.

Local police said the electricity to the sign had to be cut off to stop the broadcasting.

Jakarta police chief Muhammad Iriawan said that the suspect, 24-year-old Samudera Al Hakam Ralial, admitted he hacked the IT system of the billboard operator but claimed that the broadcast of the porn movie was accidental.

According to Iriawan, Samudera said he didn’t realise a pornographic website he accessed after breaking into the computer system was uploaded to the billboard.

Authorities said they are investigating the incident and trying to determine if he worked alone.

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