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Mintigo story on women CEOs

Do women make better CEOs than men?

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Female CEOs may be more likely than men to get fired, but that doesn’t imply they are any less effective than male leaders in their jobs.

In fact, new research by Mintigo has found women at the helm of large organisations yield more profitable results than men.

Canvassing millions of companies in the United States with over 100 employees or over $50 million in revenue, the study found male CEOs achieve higher revenue per employee in companies with up to 1,000 people.

In companies with more than 1,000 employees however, female CEOs achieved up to 18% higher revenue per employee than male CEOs.

“Mintigo mined the web and used sophisticated predictive algorithms to gather robust data on millions of companies,” the report stated.

“Unfortunately, the analysis shows that only 17% of companies have female CEOs.”

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The report also delved into the different leadership styles of both the genders.

Companies with female CEOs had a stronger marketing team with more PR, event planning and online presence. Most organisations being led by female CEOs belonged to the business-to-consumer space, while companies with male CEOs were more likely to be in the business-to-business domain.

“You are more likely to find a female CEO in healthcare and non-profit, while more likely to find men in manufacturing and construction,” the report stated.

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