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Wives in Shanghai protest against their husbands doing OT

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In a behavioral art showcase entitled “The lonely couch”, 40 wives took the street in Shanghai demanding employers to “return” their husbands to them.

Dressed in pyjamas, the protesters stood on couches and raise signs saying “You love your job more than me” and “Do you know I am four months pregnant?”.  At the bottom of every sign it reads no overtime work on 816 “Care for family day”.

The performance which took place on August 8 ahead of the “Care for family day” today (August 16) was an attempt to raise awareness on overtime work has destroyed the family life of many living in the city.

Working class on the mainland who are increasingly being stressed out despite being able to enjoy the fruits of economic success, it is time to rethink their priorities in life.

The art show is certainly a wake-up call for HongKongners who lead the world in working hours at 50 hours per week.

In Hong Kong, it is not  “Care for family day” but you too can give your team and yourself a reason to leave on time today.

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