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Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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We wish you a joyous and merry workforce this year.

On this occasion, let’s affirm our commitment to building a workplace which celebrates the importance of togetherness, teamwork and collaboration.

May the season of joy and giving unite all professionals and help them to foster closer bonds with their teams.

Please click through on the below for some of our top stories on the festive season, and its impact on the workplace.

1. All I really want for Christmas is… more annual leave days

2. Employees want a bonus, not a Christmas party

3. Your guide to being Secret Santa

4. 5 presents NOT to give your colleagues this Christmas

5. Naughty and nice office Christmas trees [GALLERY]

6. Staff skip work for Christmas shopping

7. The 8 worst office Christmas party stories

8. Why staff hate the holiday season

9. Ideas for HR to bring in the festive season

10. The worst office Christmas gifts

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