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When is it suitable for a leader to take a holiday?

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One attribute of genuine leadership is stepping up to the plate and taking charge during tough times. Letting those around you know that you’re with them and that you’ll weather hardships together.

Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, recently created a media storm in the country his political party governs when he took a holiday to Hawaii to with his family.

Many people believe the timing could have been better. As he took his leave at a time when four Australian states – New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland – were being devastated by bushfires.

Criticism of Morrison increased with the bushfires subsequently intensifying – leading to the loss of significant human life and property. His handling of the crisis has subsequently been a public relations disaster for him and his party.

But of course, every person is entitled to go on a vacation. It is neither desirable nor realistic to expect individuals to work year in year out without a break, a chance to refresh. Even world leaders need to take a holiday – to reinvigorate and keep burnout at bay.

So what’s your take?

Was it OK for the Australian Prime Minister to take a holiday when he did?

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