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What top candidates should know before an interview

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Hiring is increasingly difficult for HR departments, there is so much advice on practice interviews and making a good impression for candidates that it can be difficult to figure out who is genuinely a good fit and what’s just smoke and mirrors for the interview. You want candidates who have done their research before the interview use this list by CareerBuilder to make sure you choose only serious candidates and check if they are truly prepared for the job.

  • What does the company do?

This may sound obvious but lots of people apply for jobs without really knowing what it is a company does. As hiring managers make sure to ask what the interviewee knows about the company in order to gauge their level of interest in the job and knowledge of the industry. If they don’t have a good answer to this it’s a clear indicator they don’t really care about working for the company but will take any job.

  • What will the job entail?

While you definitely want candidates to ask questions during interviews they should be focused on the intricacies of the role. Candidates should have thoroughly researched the job and be able to ask specific pointed questions and prepared to discuss why they would be the ideal person for the role.

  • Who are the clients?

A big part of understanding the company – and someone’s potential in it – is understanding the company’s customer base. Who uses the company’s products and services? What audience does the company market to? Candidates that show they understand the company’s customers and their needs are both a knowledgeable and enthusiastic candidate.

  • What’s new and noteworthy?

Most candidates will have a basic understanding of what the company does but if you want a superstar they should be able to show that they’re on top of news and trends. For instance, do they know if the company is launching any new products or services? Has it received any recognition or awards recently? Has it received any other recent press that is worth noting? If someone knows what the company has been up to lately it shows real dedication and they will know where the company is going and its place in the industry.

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