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What the world’s creepiest jobs pay

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It’s that time of the year where everyone brings out their scariest costumes and pranks to celebrate the most frightening day of the year. To commemorate this well-loved day, PayScale pays homage to some of the people who work the creepiest jobs that would make the average person shudder.

Unknown to many, most of these jobs require at least a high school diploma or a GCE O-levels certificate, and workers earn an average of US$31,000 per annum. Here’s a look at what four of these jobs entail, their median annual pay, and their typical education requirements.


Gravediggers are in-charge of preparing the plots for funeral and burial services, digging up graves, beautifying and levelling the ground as well as keeping the ground free of pests/pest-free. Gravediggers also clean and maintain buildings and offices surrounding the burial grounds.

Median annual pay: US$30,700

Qualifications: High school diploma/GCE O-levels certificate


A taxidermist’s job involves preserving parts of a dead animal and reconstructing other parts in order to keep them life-like for collectors or owners who would like a physical memory of their pets that have left them. Thus,  they possess an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, wildlife and natural history.

Median annual pay: US$35,900

Qualifications: High school diploma/GCE O-levels certificate

Funeral director

Funeral directors are in-charge of transporting bodies and coordinating services with crematoriums, pastors, family members, embalmers as well as others involved in the whole funeral process. As such, this intriguing role requires a high level of compassion and psychological strength.

Median annual pay: US$46,600

Qualifications: Associate degree/college diploma


Coroners take care of autopsies as well as pathological and toxicological analyses. They work closely with legal teams to determine the causes of death, especially in cases of homicides and accidents.

Median annual pay: US$49,700

Qualifications: High school diploma/GCE O-levels certificate

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