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Man taking a call in the toilet to show weirdest places for taking conference calls

Weirdest places to conference call from

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Everyone knows being at work doesn’t necessarily mean being at the office anymore.

The same can now be said for attending work meetings. Since nearly every employee has access to a smartphone or tablet, meetings can be taken from home, the beach, an airport… pretty much anywhere employees find themselves.

Leveraging on such trends, InterCall surveyed more than 500 full-time employees to discover their conferencing habits and the weirdest places they have taken a conference call from:

  • A truck stop bathroom
  • McDonald’s Playplace
  • The closet of a friend’s house during a party
  • The beach … it was a video call so I kept my tablet up so that my bikini didn’t show
  • Behind a church during a wedding rehearsal
  • The racetrack
  • Chasing my dog down the street because she got out of the house
  • Disney World
  • Fitting room while trying on clothes

Interestingly, the survey also shed light on how involved these employees were in their calls.

Almost four of 10 (39%) of employees admitted to dropping off a call without announcing it so that they could pretend to have participated the whole time.

Another 27% admitted to falling asleep during a conference call, and a brave 5% said they’ve had a friend take a work conference call in their place.

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