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The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and SingTel, have made headlines this week for two promotional videos they produced which went viral after being ridiculed by the general public.

STB’s video, which was created to lure Philippine visitors to Singapore, was deemed offensive and cringe-worthy by both locals and Filipinos.

SingTel’s clip, also targeted at the Filipino market, was called “The Bare Facts of SingTel mRemit” and featured body-painted men, among other cringe-worthy things.

While I agree there is a lot of room for improvement with both videos, it does highlight a lesson in brand and employer marketing, and questions what we can learn from that when we look at the recruitment and employee space.

Last week, a Resource Solutions survey found about 80% of respondents said a bad candidate experience will impact their perceptions on that organisation – potentially affecting their spending power. So what’s to say the same can’t happen in reverse?

Here are three things to keep in mind when crafting an employer brand:

Be authentic

While both videos presented content fairly, there was so much more they could have expanded on. When candidates come on board, the reality of working with you should match their expectations you are aware of. This means the content you put out has to be honest, genuine and portray the organisation’s culture as accurately as possible.

Consider speaking to current employees about their onboarding experience and how it matched up to expectations. Also ask them about their favourite and least favourite thing about working for the company, and use that information to build a strong, more authentic, employer brand.

Don’t underestimate your audience

I think one of the reasons people took offence to the videos were because they both seemed to dumb down their audiences (seriously SingTel, what was that bit about the pulsing nipple?)

Candidates and employees these days are highly educated, aware of local and global situations and more connected than any other generation. When you treat them as adults and speak to them in an intelligent and smart manner, they’ll be more likely to respond positively.

Avoid gimmicks

While it can be a challenge to be heard in today’s busy and crowded employment space, that’s no excuse to take on the cheesy or tacky route with cheap gimmicks.

Again, the image you put out is just as important as everything else you’re offering potential workers. Providing candidates with a good experience from the get-go will not only attract them to your organisation, but plant the seeds for a better employment tenure.

Do you have more tips or advice when it comes to employer branding? We’d love to hear from you at

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