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Wanted: IT professionals in Singapore

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Following earlier reports about a shortage of IT skill sets in Asia Pacific, bosses in Singapore are looking to hire more IT professionals this year.

According to a new survey by Greythorn, 38% of IT hiring managers seek to increase their teams this year.

The report attributed the rise in demand for IT staff to companies starting new project assignments (38%), and an increased workload (26%).

To manage the shortage of IT skills, 69% of respondents stated they are providing training for existing employees, while half are looking to hire international candidates instead.

Slightly under a quarter of recruiters are looking to outsource commoditised IT skills to companies with a lower labour cost.

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“There is a clear shortage of skills in key areas within the IT market that are experiencing a level of growth above the market supply,” said Dung Nguyen, associate director of Greythorn Asia.

He added that with companies looking to hire professionals skilled in ‘new world’ IT, that cannot always be found locally, it is crucial that IT managers keep in mind the terms of the Fair Consideration Framework.

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